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AT1 Caravan/Asset GPS Tracker User Guide


 Your device will arrive with you in the default constant connection tracking mode. You can change the tracking mode as required using the device settings tab after you have logged into the platform. Bear in mind that based on constant tracking mode the battery will last about 20 days if the device is moving for approximatley 2 hours per day. Switch to Interval mode to preserve battery life. Interval mode allows you to set the device to wake up at your pre-selected intervals, update the location then go back to sleep mode. Based on one update every 24 hours the device will last approximatley 1.5 years on a single charge.

The device is supplied with a charging USB cable which can be used with any standard USB charger (not supplied)

The charging port is located on the end of the device.

You can keep an eye on the battery level in the information bar and you can set an alert to notify when the battery is getting low.

Here are the settings for the tracking mode which can be found in the device settings tab.



Power on: Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds. The LED lights will start flickering if powered up successfully.

Power off: Press and hold the the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds and the LED lights will extinguish after 2 seconds.

Indicator LED Lights

Power (RED)

Flicker quickly (every 0.3 seconds) – Battery Low

Flicker slowly (1 sec on 3 sec off) – Fully Charged

Flicker slowly (0.1 sec on 3 sec off) – Device working normally

Always On – Charging

Off – No battery life or malfunction


Flicker quickly (every 0.3 seconds) – Searching GPS

Flicker slowly (0.1 sec on 3 sec off) – GPS is Positioning

Off – GPS is Normal


Flicker quickly (every 0.3 seconds) – GSM Initialise

Flicker slowly (1 sec on 3 sec off) – GSM Signal Normal

Flicker slowly (0.1 sec on 3 sec off) – GPRS Online

Off – No GSM Signal

To fully charge the device will take about 3 hours.