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Low Cost GPS Tracking

For Personal or Business users. Our device packages include full access to our Premium GPS Tracking platform and mobile APPS plus all mobile data charges.


Only £5 per device per month

NO Installation costs

Our easy fit devices allow you to install the device yourself!

OBD GPS Tracker

The simplest option for tracking your vehicles. Just plug the device straight into the OBD port on your vehicle then login to our premium cloud GPS Tracking software platform.

(All modern vehicles should have an OBD port)


Easy Install GPS Tracker

Simple installation with only 2 wires to connect! Can be connected directly to the terminals on the vehicle battery! Install in a few minutes then log into our premium cloud GPS Tracking software platform and start tracking!


Caravan/Asset GPS Tracker

Fully integrated rechargeable GPS Tracker for protecting any asset or caravan. Single charge lasts upto 3 years* Small compact device makes it easy to hide.

*Based on a single update every 24 hours.


Overview video of our Premium GPS Tracking Software.

See where all your vehicles are right now and create reports to see where they have been. View any journey data including start and end date, time and address for any vehicle for the last 3 months!



Track assets in real-time using our web based tracking platform accessible through any internet connected device such as computer, tablet or smartphone.



A comprehensive suite of reports is available to help you manage your fleet by increasing productivity, helping create/confirm time sheets, identifying poor driver behaviour and speeding etc.



Set up scheduled reports to be delivered into your email INBOX so you can instantly view information and drill down to the detail you really want to work with.



Set up Geo-fence areas to ring fence a specific location. Geo-fence areas can be used to alert when a vehicle enters or exits the location as well as in general reporting.



Easily add and manage event rules and receive alerts by SMS or EMAIL as soon as an event occurs. i.e. Enter/exit geo fence, ignition on/off, speeding, idling etc.

Mobile APPs


Maintain control over your vehicles while on the move using our handy APP. Enjoy real-time tracking, review trips and receive event alerts.




Track your vehicles only £5 per vehicle per month!!!